A DICOM compliant PACS and VNA for digital pathology
PathcoreUnity is an integral component of an enterprise imaging system for pathology workflows
An enterprise-grade archive for all imaging modalities
Aggregate radiology and pathology images in DICOM format as well as proprietary digital pathology images in a single vendor neutral archive (VNA).
Standard interfaces:
Import and export data with DICOMweb, DICOM DIMSE and Pathcore’s RESTful interface.
Immutable data:
Archive and retrieve DICOM and proprietary WSI formats without conversions.
A zero footprint viewer, in your browser
Optimize end user experience and simplify deployments with modern web applications.
Versatile image viewer:
View all modalities in a powerful zero footprint viewer that is optimized for whole slide pathology images.
Web accessible:
Access your images, analysis results and metadata from any internet enabled device and from any browser.
Future-proof your infrastructure
Choose an open platform with a standard interface, and freely integrate the systems you want when you need them.
Prevent vendor lock-in:
Incorporate proprietary and DICOM images, and third-party machine learning algorithms to achieve your desired workflow.
Remain interoperable:
Leverage healthcare standards (DICOM, HL7, IHE) for information exchange between your internal systems and external partners.
Connectathon Results!
Since 2017, we’ve demonstrated PathcoreUnity™ at multiple DICOM Digital Pathology Connectathons. These events have provided an opportunity to improve our capabilities and test our implementation with an array of scanner vendors that support DICOM. The results have been impressive and the implications are exciting. To learn more or if you’d like to keep up to date with upcoming events, check out our blog.
The latest standards for whole slide images
Take the first step towards embracing interoperability